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Originally Posted by XXXII&III View Post
Well, you can pistol whip me. Didn't see that this was posted previously..... here's what Stokley had to say about it:

"What did I get? I mean, they were mad at me on the sideline for stopping them," Stokley said. "It's tough being a dad sometimes, you know?"

"On B-Marsh's, I knew what he was planning, but it wasn't the right situation (for a 15-yard penalty)," Stokley said. "On this one, the guys didn't even fill me in on that. I didn't know it was coming. I saw it all playing out in the back and I was like, 'What are they doing? They're up to something.' "

Stokley jested that he sent off Marshall into the world by himself, noting that former teammate is now the go-to receiver for the 6-1 Chicago Bears.

"He's doing great on his own," Stokley said. "Now, I've got these other two knuckleheads I've got to mold. These kids, nowadays. You've got to put them in timeout."

Denver Post article
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