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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
There are many thing we have improved on, some we still need work on but I would agree with this option. Getting off the field on 3rd downs have improved. I expected that to improve against the Raiders but to see it done against one of the best offenses last week with the Saints has me believing that JDR and his crew are turning that corner a little bit.

Things that still need to improve the most:

1 - Broncos RB's not having good enough ball security. Too many balls still hitting the turf.
while everyone is whining about fumbles we are about average 11 so far this year total.. with a low of 3 and a high of 17.. Now what we are bad at is not recovering our own fumbles.. I think overall that is just the luck of the bounce..

how many time has a someone fumbled the ball only to have it bounce right back to them.. That has not happened to us.. law of averages says it will even out ..
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