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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Speaking of love affairs, Lonelystar has posted 30-40 times in this thread about DJ.
Wow aren't you cute with your names. ..

I post to bring the facts out if something stupid needs to be refuted so be

Best we had for some years, then he got a fat comtract and not so much anymore. Is he gifted sure, but he is a dumb ass who IMO has let his fan base down as well as moreso his team, and players and coaches on it.

Woodyard has got a head of steam and is now second best LB on this squad by far.

The love affair of fans with DJ has to end.

He is not that special. he is old stupid and expensive and IMO no longer in the long term plans of Elway. They have made it clear that they are only bringing in leaders, in most case college captains and smart players none of which dumb ass is.
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