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Aside from Peyton and Decker, the Broncos offense is average. The OL problems were hidden by switching to the option and the DL has trouble stopping the run.

I don't think DEN is the clear cut favorites simply because they have Manning.

The way to beat Manning is to play good defense and run the ball.

Last year KC was 11th in total offense, 12th in points given up and 6th in pass defense without Eric Berry. There is no reason to think KC won't have a top 10 defense, especially with Romeo (who has always been able to frustrate Manning).

I think KC will return to a top 10 rushing attack as well. Last year we were middle of the pack with MCCluster and Battle. Our new OC has been very good setting up the running game. In Cleveland he unleashed Peyton Hillis in 2010. Then last year he had a great running game with Reggie Bush and a the rookie from K-State. With 2 of the best run blockers in at OT, KC should have success running the ball.

I think KC and DEN will battle it out and the last game of the season could determine who wins the division.

Of course Cassel is the question. But if he plays like he did in 2010 (27 TD's/7INT's) KC is winning the division. We'll see how likely that is though.
This is a great reread and there is so much FAIL by the board whipping boy KCPUD.
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