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alfred e numan

Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Can we agree that it was a poor statement, slightly vulgar, but meant to be a compliment on the young man's bravery?
i checked urban dictionary there is nothing on cue balls refering to bravery i posted a couple of videos ill scour the net and find more links for time lines i was out carving a punkin sorry didnt see your link earlier so many posts all over everywhere none the less its one source of interest . i dont like the phrase sounds inappropriate . he could say your son was very brave and died trying to save his comrades
im sorry for your loss sir your son was a very brave individual
i could come up with more non vulgar statements if you so desire .
btw as you can see im not name calling or saying provocative things .
just having a civil conversation on this side of the OM which for some reason is rare.
ok you like Romney or Obama fine but stop acting like you alls are a bunch of raider fans.
sorry went off on a rant . ill probably catch hell for this
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