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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Why not say Shaun Merriman? This isn't all of Norv's fault. AJ, the general manager, brought in **** for top receiving and the Chargers are 2nd to last in receiver yards and receptions. They are much better to TE and running backs but those plays get old and stopped quickly especially when the OL is letting front 7 come marching in. They need a durable back to block or leave TE to help out. If Norv goes, it should be a package deal and take AJ with him.
This is the way I see it too. AJ Smith has not replaced the lost talent on this team. He's really done a bad job of drafting, and he's let great players leave like Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson.

Rivers is fighting an uphill battle IMHO. He's got a subpar offensive line, and the defense is not very good either. Heck, even their special teams are bad. The reality is Rivers is overcompensating, trying to carry the team on his back and he's making mistakes.

I still think Rivers is a great QB, a franchise QB. I just don't think that Sandy Eggo has much talent and I think Norv Turner sucks as a HC.
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