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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
I really do try and be reasonable and I try not to name call. Its just politics and we can all agree to disagree on some issue at every level... unfortunately our current climate wants to make politics black and white - republican v. democrat - with no in between, but thats just not logical... we're all people and we all want a better country and world for ourselves and our kids.

Some people, like this father, just don't want to hear some things at some times. I understand that. Biden is not known for his delicate approach to saying things and I feel bad that it upset this father. It would probably have never come up if he truly believed that the Admin did everything it could for his son.

Can you provide me with a link to the "drones" thing? So far I have only heard speculation and haven't seen it reported as fact. Thats why I posted the factcheck timeline... its 4 days old so it might be missing something, but they cover all the facts that are out there, including the conflicting Reuters report about the email and how al Ansair may not have actually claimed responsibility at all.
now if i post the whole website text and stuff will that violate the TOS here that you shouldn't post everything from a web site , denver post didnt like it when we posted whole stories about the games so i think taco john made a rule saying you can only post partial stories with links back to the site. not shure if it applies to every site or just denver post
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