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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
1. All my respect go out to that father. Its too bad he and the mother took away such different feelings from the President and his admin's visit (mom indicated that it was extremely moving and nice).

2. If I died doing something heroic, I would be happy to know the vice president of the USA (be it Cheney, Biden, Paul Ryan, Al Gore... etc...) asked my father if I always had cue balls for testicles.

3. My father would not be offended.

4. How many fathers really would?

5. Theres still no actual hard evidence that the Bengahzi deal is a cover up or that a major lie has occurred at this time. It also appears that though the total security request in Libya had been denied that there was the exact amount requested provided for Stevens on his mission to Benghazi.

This is a debacle and a mess and a shame, but I don't think we're going to find any major underpinnings of deception by the White House.
i checked urban dictionary found alot of references for balls of steel
checked for balls the size of cue balls got alot of Biden references nothing about terms for being brave or anything just biden
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