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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
No, he's been horrendous. 55% completion percentage, the lowest yards per attempt in the league, a ****ty QB rating overall, only has 3 picks, but then only has 7 touchdowns.

He's ****ing awful.
considering the **** they have at WR which is only slightly upgraded by Blackmon and the overall crap state that the team is in he's not doing bad at all.
this isn't like with the Colts and Luck where they catered exactly to him and are working with a once in a generation talent while they slowly upgrade the roster.

the Jags are in as bad a state as the Panthers in terms of talent, you could even argue they're similar to the chiefs. the best talent they have is MJD & Lewis. the rest are either developing like Gabbert, average, disappointing or just flat out stink.
it's going to take them 2-3 more years to really elevate that roster and they have to hit on their draft picks at a high success rate.
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