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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Maybe JDR will play some version of 3 /4 in order to get DJ on the field and have Von play more of a free lance roll.
i could see him doing that since Von can be a SAM or DE and thus allow WW & DJ to be the LB's along with Brooking.
only thing that worries me is who would be the NT in that scenario. none of our DT's force a double team on them for the most part.
Vickerson or Bannan would be the guy i suppose but neither is a real space eater.

now in terms of the pick by WW. anytime you get a turnover you take it.
if he fumbles and gives it back to them further down the field then so be it. he was trying to make a play.

if you just bat it it could go off his hands and up in the air, bounce off a player or various other things.
while none of those are likely you still want the sure turnover and potential of a run back over a batted ball.
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