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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by errand View Post
I beg to differ.....we're 4-3 after playing the 4-3 Steelers, the 7-0 Falcons, 6-1 Texans, 5-3 Patriots and while their records are stellar, the highly potent offenses of the Chargers and Saints.

Regardless of how you look at it, that's a murderer's row of teams to play....and the team is obviously getting better defensively and offensively.

I think this team is on the upswing and starting to get their **** together.....
Good point. I think you'd be hard pressed to argue that this team isn't on an upswing. The secondary has really solidified and the team runs 3 or 4 deep at CB beyond Champ. Since Mays has been extracted from the lineup, the team as a whole seems to attack the ball much more efficiently. Particularly sniffing out bubble screens, quick hitter draws etc. D-line depth and MLB play are still major concerns though.

Offensively this team is clicking, and Manning is all-world, but depth concerns at skill positions remain. If Willis tweaks a hammie, what happens? Hillman had a really nice game, but he's still not a guy that you're going to feed the ball to.

If Decker or Thomas get dinged, suddenly depth at WR becomes a concern.

Although all of these are relatively minor concerns when PFM is playing like PFM.
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