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I personally think that MJD isnt even really that injured.
I think he has wanted out and you saw that in the offseason, leading into the 1st few games. Hes just mailing it in, and as planned, when he was nicked up even to the slightest extent, he simply limped off, and is out for a few games. He will not risk any real injury to himself because i think hes gone at years end. He will come back and do the exact same thing. Go down in the pile, grab his forearm or his ankle, go off for another 3 games. Wait for the offseason and walk to a huge payday.
And honestly, i am hoping DEN will pay him.
JAX is in total disaray as a team. Impossible to play for that team, and they need someone to sell jerseys and build a team around. Tebow effect.
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