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I'm with fontaine on this one. Though the Defense is playing better with Brooking at MLB (on running downs), he isn't exactly filling up holes or making huge plays. He had a couple tackles in the Saints game, but nothing major.

The addition of DJ is going to make this Defense even better. If he can play like he did last year (without steroids), he should be taking almost all the snaps of Brooking and Trevathan.

Our Secondary has gotten so good at tackling, that the 4-2 Nickel is effective against both the run and the pass. Having both WW and DJ as the LB's will be killer.

In a way, it's good that DJ was suspended, because it's given WW a chance to come into his own. The dude is playing lights out. With Von, WW, and DJ at out. All three are potential Pro Bowlers, and Von is potential DPOY.

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