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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by fdf View Post
If he just batted at it, it can go into the air and who knows what happens. Woodyard was fully extended when he intercepted. Not clear he could "bat" it to the ground. Bird in the hand.
he was falling to the ground and even had to make a second effort to make sure to secure the ball. No way he would have batted it up, all he had to do was bring it with him to the ground and make sure it hit the ground while he bobbled it. When things are going full speed it is hard to do and you don't want to confuse people if he should have a shot at the same type of play later in the game with the game on the line.

Could he have bobbled it and it been incomplete? Yes

Was it a better play that he covered it? Yes

Should he have gotten up and ran with it? Dunno, yards are always good.
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