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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Imagine a scenario where team A is behind by 4 and needs a touchdown to win. It's 4th down and there is 7 seconds on the clock. They throw a Hail Mary which is intercepted and returned 20 yards but the ball carrier fumbles and team A recovers and takes it in for a winning TD.

Wonder if that ever happened?
In High School I saw a game where a team was down 3 with about 1:00 left on the clock. They had something like 4th and 25.

They brought in their entire linebacker corp (full-back, half-back, and tightend). They ran a pattern right into that corners zone and literally just threw the ball to him. Sure enough the kid ignored his coaches pleas to get down and starts running for paydirt. One of the linebackers absolutely lit this kid up and knocked the ball loose and recovered it.

30 seconds later they went in for the winning touchdown.

It was really cool...
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