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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Yup, on 4th down you almost always want to knock it down unless you have a LOT of open real estate in front of you - one of the worst plays I have ever seen was a hail mary 4th down pass in a college game from the 40 yard line, a defender who was all alone intercepted it at his own 3 yard line, got knocked out of bounds at his own 5, cost his team 55 yards of field position but was still celebrating like a dumbass.
Imagine a scenario where team A is behind by 4 and needs a touchdown to win. It's 4th down and there is 7 seconds on the clock. They throw a Hail Mary which is intercepted and returned 20 yards but the ball carrier fumbles and team A recovers and takes it in for a winning TD.

Wonder if that ever happened?
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