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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I remember back in summertime there were a lot of us worried about this seasons schedule. Some of these games got a bit easier with how bad a lot of teams have become.
East coast games have been our bane for decades.. in fact east of the Mississippi have not been stellar games..

While he have won a few the CIN game a few years ago was on a lucky tip of the ball..

I still am concerned about BAL although most of their stellar players are on IR, CIN HAD a potent offense last year but not much happening now.. the BUCs could be a scary game Panthers seem to be coming back and always a struggle at arrowhead..

while it looks good now things can change week to week..

I feel loads better about this team than I did during TC, I did not think the manning mind meld would happen so fast with his no huddle thought it would take a few months before it started to click.. right now looks pretty well done..

lets all knock on wood for some great games coming up..
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