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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I don't get the brokeback or KFC reference. Both of those have nothing to do with Denver or Kansas City's team,fans or city.
KC, they just add the F to finish an acronym that is common. It makes sense in that sense. And honestly you could do worse than being called fried chicken. A similar example is "Dungver" which I've heard. Neither city is associate with fried chicken or dung, but there's a degree of logic.

Brokeback makes no sense. Unless it's as DBroncos says where any state with a mountain is brokeback...which still makes no sense, honestly. I mean if you're going to go with gay, you have to connect it with the city name or the team mascot or something. Mountains are too general to work.

However like all of Sheepstud's ideas, he's the only one they make sense to, and in his mind they are brilliant.

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