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Originally Posted by LongDongJohnson View Post
As a guy from Washington, i'm a diehard Wiz fan. I rooted hard for Miami the last two playoffs because I'm a LeBron fan (Best player in the NBA hands down).

I had high hopes back in early August. Then I hear that both John Wall and Nene are injured. My hopes are shattered. If we can hover around .500 by the time both those guys get back then maybe we might have a chance for the playoffs.

If not then hopefully we suck hard (like we usually do) and get another top 3 pick. We already have Wall and Bradley Beal has looked sharp. Having another young stud would be nice. Just need to hope that Wall doesnt leave town in the next few years.

I hope the Wizards GM realizes by now that you dont draft european stick men with top 6 draft picks. We picked Jan Vesely last summer and man, he sucks. I wish we had the Nuggets Kenneth Farried.
Ouch, my condolences. As if all other washington teams don't fail enough, you got this embarrassment of a franchise.

I am not a wiz fan (the only team in DC that I really don't follow), but they fit the DC sports scene perfectly. Only a couple of more years until they make the playoffs and fail like the caps and nats.
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