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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
The bottom line is, this is the best DL we've had in a long long time. The MLB/WLB should be excelling in this type of D and cleaning up plays near the line of scrimmage (like Woodyard has been doing).

I've watched and rewatched the last two games, and I'm sorry, but Brooking doesn't show up after the ball is snapped and really fades in the 2nd half.

There's NO question DJ is going to take the field. We already know that because Brooking is being subbed already. The question, as you say, is whether DJ can get his head on straight but physically, he gives us a stronger/faster MLB than Brooking and it's not even close.
DJ will be an immediate upgrade at MLB. Brooking was jsut brought in for depth because it was becoming apparent to the staff that Mays was a liability and DJ was going to be out for at least 6 weeks. All we had at the time depth wise was Irving and Trevathan.
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