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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
, you must have missed the part where Brooking was brought in as a backup option and not the starter.

Wait, wait. Let me just get this straight again. It doesn't matter how many tackles the MLB has?

If not then why say this ->

I get the part where DJ is public enemy #1. Fine, I get it, and got over it.

Now show me the part where Brooking who's fading badly on the field, hardly contributes in making plays/tackles etc, is a better Mike than DJ?
You do of course realize that the last time DJ played MLB, Denver had the 30th ranked run defense right? We are currently giving up a full yard less per carry, and those stats are slightly skewed between games that Brooking started v. Mays. In the 3 Games Brooking started, Denver has given up less than 200 yards combined on the ground. That is the importance of being in the right place. DJ does not have the ability to play smart on his own, much less line everyone else up correctly.
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