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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
This is why your opinions are generally worthless.

Comparing the LB play this year to the past is like comparing apples to oranges. Our DLs have been worthless at being stout at the point of attack in the past where our LBers constantly have had to fight through a lot of traffic.

It's why a flawed player like Woodyard is excelling in this system because his real weakeness in shedding blockers isn't such a big deal because of the job our DL+Von is doing.

And I haven't said DJ is a great LB. He's just a better option than Brooking right now unless he's completely brain dead and can't relearn JDR's defense.
This is the problem though
He should easily step on the field and be an upgrade over Brooking
But he is THAT stupid that it is not just a given he will
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