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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Why does DUI Williams need to earn his spot? Because this is the NFL where you earn playing time. This isn't a guy coming back from injury. This is a guy whose stupidity hurt his team. DUI isn't a phenomenal talent that deserves a starting spot no questions asked.

Brooking was brought in for leadership and on field help. And because Mays wasn't cutting it he took over. Say what you want about him but Brooking is helping the D. Top 10 ranking in numerous stats. DUI has not been missed.

How many plays has Brooking made? Here's your answer, MORE THAN DUI HAS THIS YEAR!

Brooking may be inferior, but he has been here. He has played and shed sweat and blood on the field with his teammates. What has DUI done?
excellent post.. why so many folks are in love with this moron is beyond me.. he has never been a star player never matched his draft status and certainly has not earned the extravagant contract he got from mikey..

he is an average LB that was at the time better than the rest of the trash on D, that is hardly saying anything.. other than he was above average on a sub par defense..

I have said it several times while his team mate may like him and want t party with the guy he is hardly the example of work ethic I want my kiddie LB to model themselves after .. One DUI is more than enough for a leader, in fact I have to wonder how many times he may have been stopped and because he was a Bronco allowed to catch a cab home or was driven home by fan officers..

NO one knows for sure, we all know that stuff like this happens.. Is the reason he was so belligerent the last time is because he got away with it before?

If it were my team I would cut him barring any further injuries at LB.. If for no other reason to set an example..
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