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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Ok, let's stop talking opinions.

Here are facts:

1. Why does DJ have to earn the spot? Brooking certainly didn't, Mays lost it.
2. How many 2nd half tackles does Brooking have in the past two games as starter? I can barely remember two/three.
3. How many tackles for a loss, forced fumbles etc does Brooking have?

Yes, Brooking lines up the Defense (sometimes) but the guy physically fades badly as the game wears on. So much so that we're constantly having to sub/move guys like Trevathan in and out.

I agree that DJ has been as dumb as a bag of **** but on the field he's vastly superior in the physical aspect of the game. As long as he's not mentally damaged he can take the next three weeks (under suspension but can be present at the facility) to get up to speed on the defense.
Actually, this ain't facts. Just your opinion.

1. Why does he have to earn it? Are you for real? First there where the reports that he was learning a new position. Second, he didn't get any reps during camp because of the long layoff. Third, dude must be rusty as hell and not being in the meeting room during the evolution of our defense in-season has to be bad for the chemistry part.

2. Who cares how many tackles he has! The opposing offense is for once not running straight at our MLB. He may and old fart... but he is an old fart that knows which holes or gaps to hit to flush the play another way.

3. How many many tackles for a loss, forced fumbles etc has DJ had that actually made a difference? Not many. Has DJ had some great games? Sure! The only problem.... he has had way more below average outings.

Athletically DJ is a beast, mentally... my dog runs circle numerous times around his head.
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