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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Ok, let's stop talking opinions.

Here are facts:

1. Why does DJ have to earn the spot? Brooking certainly didn't, Mays lost it.
2. How many 2nd half tackles does Brooking have in the past two games as starter? I can barely remember two/three.
3. How many tackles for a loss, forced fumbles etc does Brooking have?

Yes, Brooking lines up the Defense (sometimes) but the guy physically fades badly as the game wears on. So much so that we're constantly having to sub/move guys like Trevathan in and out.

I agree that DJ has been as dumb as a bag of **** but on the field he's vastly superior in the physical aspect of the game. As long as he's not mentally damaged he can take the next three weeks (under suspension but can be present at the facility) to get up to speed on the defense.

FWIW all of what you have said is your opinion and not necessarily facts..
actually Brookings has 1 FF this year.. and nine for his career.. which puts him up one of dumb ass..

I realize you think DJ is a great LB but he no better than WW has been the past two years.. as a Mike he was average at best.. for the money he is making he should be near super star..

and what has he done the past year but be a dumb ass..

I trust that JDR will do the right thing and barring another injury that means he plays backup at best.. the fastest thing that could ruin a locker room is pulling players that have been busting their butts all season long doing a good job to insert a moron that had his second DUI that has been reported, could not piss human urine and then screw the pooch with his playbook FUBAR..

That is my Opinion..
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