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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
I get the point your making, but DJ showed up last year on film and in big plays. Like a forced fumble late in the game that gave our offense another miracle win.

It's really as simple as this: DJ makes us a better team on the field - unless you think Brooking is going to hold up all year long.
He's certainly the best we have available, agree WW/DJ/VON is the best group. But if he couldn't play in the middle, would we really want him back? Funny, moving him all over supposedly stunted his potential early, but that versatility might just extend his career a few years. A versatile, athletic veteran, maybe with something to prove, sounds like the kinda player teams rely on to make postseason runs.

And does Ian Gold really deserve all the grief he gets? For a 5'11" 218 pound LB, he made some big plays ... beat the Raiders with a blocked kick+TD as a rookie I think, IntRetTD beat or pounded the last nail in the Bengals in the '03 opener, and didn't he bat down Brunell's 4th down pass to beat the Redskins in the rain in '04. That game at Invesco most memorable to me for what Kevin Maas said on the telecast: "Anything can happen here folks, remember this is where John Elway engineered The Drive to beat the Browns in the playoffs."
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