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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
I get the point your making, but DJ showed up last year on film and in big plays. Like a forced fumble late in the game that gave our offense another miracle win.

It's really as simple as this: DJ makes us a better team on the field - unless you think Brooking is going to hold up all year long.
I agree over Brooking and Mays that DJ is better. However, he should not just jump into a starting role as soon as the suspension ends. Work needs to be put in, he needs to earn the spot with on the field production. By just giving a guy who has done nothing for the team this year an automatic starting spot can cause some tension on the team. But if the team let's him earn a starting spot it reinforces that the best start. You can't say a guy with 0 production or participation is automatically the best.

That being said I say when he returns he begins as Brooking's backup and a special teamer. As he shows he is better than let him return to starting in the middle.
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