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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Decker has his strengths. But his instincts when he leaves his feet aren't one of them. He whiffed on another one Sunday that I'm pretty sure DT (or any top-notch jump ball WR) would've made at least a decent play on.

I think Decker's made some decent grabs, but I can't recall a single one where he really went up and used his size to any effect.
I think he made a decent adjustment to go up and grab 23 yard pass on the final drive of the first half. I think it was supposed to be a back-shoulder fade to the soft zone between the CB and safety. But, Manning gets clocked on the play and probably doesn't get everything into the throw (my opinion based on my observations of the pass) I think Decker does an nice job adjusting then using his size to go up and get the ball.

I'll acknowledge that Decker's vertical game is not as advanced as DT's. I still maintain that is largely a product of youth and inexperience. Manning and his receivers are still developing a rapport. Eventually, they are going to start hitting jump ball drills hard. When that happens (possibly sometime next year) the Broncos are going to own NFL highlights.
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