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Originally Posted by Nwp-Apap View Post
Our defense is playing well, garnering some top 10 ratings in a handful of statistics. One can only look forward with joyous anticipation at how good this defense will be when they get another above average player in there in two weeks.

I believe DJ will start out splitting time with Brooking, and starting as the nickel MLB with Woodyard. He will be in several packages, I'm sure. Whatever your beliefs are of him as a person, has no bearing on his talents as a football player. He knows how to play every LB position, and will do so without complaint.

He has been actively participating in film study and working with the trainers at dove valley for almost a month, so there is no question he will be in football shape. He also has the reps from training camp and owns a copy of the playbook. I'm sure the coaches have told him recently over his vacation to pay special attention to MLB. Plus. Getting into "football shape" is easy for someone with the dedication DJ has. He has never had on the field problems regarding attitude towards teammates/coaches or had laziness issues. In fact, he was voted a captain for several years, so that tells you he commands respect.

I like Brooking, and think Trevathan is going to be a very good player for us, but at this point in their careers, I'd rather DJ get the majority the reps they have been getting. I don't want to take Woodyard off the field, unless he is injured or winded or the package calls for it, and I believe he has impressed the coaching staff to that point as well, so I believe we will see DJ primarily, and often, in the middle, starting the first game he returns.
Good post.

We have a better defense with DJ/VON/WW. We also have a better shot of beating the Texans/Patriots in the playoffs, should the Broncos meet them. Those two teams have TE's and a run game we couldn't stop.
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