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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
In a lot of ways I thought Jackson made Rivers better than he is. Chuggers don't have any one who can go up and get a jump ball or back shoulder throw. Eddie Royal is garbage. Love watching VJ continue to play well for TB and meanwhile Rivers is exposed for what he is.

Also there is huge lack of a running threat. Teams can play the pass without worrying about LT, Turner, Sproles, or even Tolbert.
Agree 100% this is exactly what has happened to Rivers he lost his supporting cast, a cast that made him better not the other way around.

SD got rid of the wrong player again in Brees.

If they would have just managed to keep Sproles things might be different in SD.

They had a great window to win a SB but it passed them bye. That's got to really hurt to a SD fn.

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