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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
He's a genuine threat to take one to the house and gets this offense in solid field position. Holiday needs to get the ball more. You try and get the ball to your best players as often as possible, instead of worrying about things like fumbles.

It really is that simple.
Good point.

The great thing about this coaching staff is that they are not content to stand pat and just go with the guys they have.

Fox has proven that he if a player is teh suck on the field he will get teh bench like Mays and totally inactive like KM. If he finds a better horse he will change to it even midstream as long as it makes the team better.

I love seeing them put Trevathan out there, Brooking, Hillman, even Muff guy.

Fox gets bashed here a lot but they are not afraid to adjust or find guys during the season. Just look at how terrible kfc is and what they have done to get better...NOTHING!
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