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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
You can't call it both and then completely agree with me!

Yes a situational error is a mental error, we get it.

Rahim's been fine. You've been WAY too hard on him, blaming all of Mike Adams' woes on him as well.
No, I have called out Adams as our worst safety from the beginning. I also think Leonard should play over Adams and let Moore keep getting reps. Moore is young and has the Physical tools to improve. He needs as many reps as possible and needs to work his ass off in the film room. Its the only way for him to get better. Adams is a journeyman and not as good as Leonard right now IMHO from watching film.

What has bothered me is I just saw all these posts saying how much Moore has improved this year because of his tackling and his coverage. He has made some tackles, just no relevant ones and his coverage is old school don't get beat deep, but also do not learn to attack route combinations in your coverage correctly and situationally. Moore is a long way from being a good safety right now. He is still biding his time learning on the job. He is just a little slow on the uptake for me, especially with all the false praise for his performances to date.

This still kills me about young NFL safeties in general. The guys who I have seen do this very well at the college level can not adapt to the nuances of the pro game and all the different schemes and permutations of the route combinations. Guys who are mentally competent in college get blown away with the responsibility at the next level. You have to have all the tools to play safety in todays NFL, and that is real tough skill set with all the passing offenses out there. The young guys like Earl Thomas and Eric Berry have it and can read and make plays already. Not many other safeties, outside of Nate Allen, have come out recently and made a quick difference for teams.
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