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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Why the HELL would you NOT have DJ on the field?

Why would you not give JDR the user of the 2nd most physically talented LBer on the roster?

With a defensive coordinator like JDR, I want to give him more upper level talent given just how much he's gotten out of some of the more limited players in our front 7. I'm not a fan of DJ given how stupid he's been off the field.

But I won't ever forget just how sh*tty our DLs have been over the years and how DJ played his part and did everything the team asked of him on the field because we couldn't draft a LBer to save our a$$.

I'd love to see what JDR can do with a fresh, healthy 245 LBer that's an experienced vet and stronger and faster than any other LBer on the team bar Von.

Dj is a dumb ass and can be expected to screw something else up soon.. If not he is no better than WW is IF you have been paying attention his numbers last year were better than DJ's were starting in 6 less games ..

That is what I see and have to believe that JDR being an ex LB will see that also..

now if he wants dumb ass on the field I have zero issues with that.. but if he starts him over the others that have been holding down the fort playing great football, while he has been partying. Well I suspect that many players will be pissed and that is not the sort of discontent you want on a team..

hell NOL coaches did not give vilma back his spot when he came back because the guys that were there were playing good ball..

He may have been a great athlete when he came out of college but since he got his new FAT contract he has shown me nothing.. In fact that WW has outplayed him does not help him..

WW is on pace for a 140+ tackle season more sacks and PD than DJ has had.. Might even have the FF lead also did not pay much attention to that..

Hey maybe DJ can make his way back onto the squad on ST's..

Plus I doubt seriously that he will be in game shape till week 12..
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