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Originally Posted by Gort View Post
the best thing about Manning right about now are the delicious tears of sorrow flowing down the faces of all of the Sparklers, Chefs, and Raiders fans.
they know Manning is healthy
. they have now seen what the Broncos are capable of doing to the top teams in the league. they know that they have ZERO SHOT at winning the AFC West so long as Manning is here in Denver, and it looks like he'll be here for another 3 or 4 years.

not only has Manning energized this fanbase (i really didn't think we were going to be a playoff team this year, but it's hard now to envision a scenario where we are not in the SB hunt come the end of the year), but he has completely demoralized those other 3 fanbases. they are going nowhere for the next 3-4 years and they now know it.

i loved Tebow's intangibles and think he got a bad rap from alot of idiots on this board, but a healthy Manning is so far above what we could have accomplished with a 3rd year QB still trying to a correct his mechanics, that it really looks like a no-brainer now (it was a big risk when we signed him though). i'm even just about completely over my butthurt for what Manning did to us while he was in Indiacrapolis.

i'm not saying we'll get there this year, but wouldn't it be nice to have Manning take us to a couple of SBs and get some revenge on the NY Giants and SF Sissies for what they did to us when Elway was here?
Dude, why did you have to go there, man?!
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