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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Why would we need to beat New England in New England? we have 1 game left against a team that is not currently below .500, it is against the Ravens who have been getting steadily worse all season.

New England has games against Houston, San Fran, @Jets (a place they have struggled against Rex Ryan), not to mention 2 games against a surprising Miami team. There is every chance that New England could end up 10-6 with that schedule which would very much put a playoff game in Denver.

Blown out by the Texans? Getting blown out is what happened to Kansas City when they played Atlanta, and Tampa Bay, AND Buffalo, AAAND San Diego - losing by less than 1 TD is not getting blown out.
Patriots have the Texans and Niners left. That's it. And both of those are home games.
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