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We are not indicating he only did this on 1 play. We're talking about the entire season so far, that was just a play that showcased our talking point. We can discuss theory of safety play all day long but the fact is, the better cover safeties in the league have a good feel for where the ball is going to go and they position themselves to make a play on the ball (for the most part, not always, nobody could be 100% in the right position every time). I've watched Ed Reed in detail many times and this is what I see him do. Call it cheating on a play or whatever, but he simply doesn't just always play it safe and sit there and react only once the ball is in the air, only to get there to help or make the tackle once the ball has been caught. The purpose of a safety is not ONLY to be the last safety valve to save a possible TD, but to help prevent the catch in the first place. If they never tried to make plays to stop the catch, and to only assist in the tackle once the ball has been caught, you might as well just go ahead and call that a prevent defense.
Ed Reed is going down as one of the best safeties of all time... there is a reason he's Ed Reed. You can't simply say, if you're not playing as good as Ed Reed, then you're just not very good.

This is Rahim Moore's 2nd year in a new system... player development, some of you people need to learn what this means.

While I do agree - Moore needs to be more aggressive in the passing game... I'm sure coaching will address that and I don't think the fine he received this year helped him much (an unfair fine at that).
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