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Ball is no longer on special teams. He used to be on the back end of KR with Omar bolden. After the final NO score last night Trindon Holliday was back there.

I wouldn't think that being the backup kick returner, when so few are returned, is that valuable of a special teams role. Any player in the league could do what ball is doing, which is 3rd string RB carries and 3rd string KR duties.

Someone says I'm an illogical advocate? I feel like I'm the only one being logical in this thread. Knowshon is better than Ball at everything, and has proven so in their short careers.

I don't really care right now since we're winning, and Ball isn't playing much as it is, but I would trust Moreno much more with Ball's role.
You should sell your Bronco Moreno jersey since it is worth more than it will ever be. You should toss in your fat head of him too for no extra charge and pay the shipping. If you didn't want to do that you could cut off his name and have someone put ATWATER on for you.
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