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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Actually, it was both in that situation. Not adjusting situationally is a major mental error for a safety and he gave up a TD because of it.

That has been my major issue with him all year. He can not adjust situationally and that is a Major part of playing safety in the NFL. Overall, they actually stayed away form him last night. Personally, it looked like JDR schemed his best players towards their best players and rolled the dice. It worked last night and even when they did succeed, it was largely due to a blown coverage or other DEN error and not them just picking us apart.
You can't call it both and then completely agree with me!

Yes a situational error is a mental error, we get it.

Rahim's been fine. You've been WAY too hard on him, blaming all of Mike Adams' woes on him as well.
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