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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post

and yes I know a vowed to stay out of this section..

but since I started this thread

I thought this was more important to bring up, than allow it to be bypassed my the media..

BTW not sure it it was mentioned or not all the marines still use bayonets, as do all our special forces (maybe not bayonets but knives big enough to be them) and most of our special ops guys in the middle east still ride horses since that part of the world is still behind 1917.. ....
You do realize that President Obama said "fewer" bayonets and horses, right? There seems no limit to your stupidity.

The entire premise of that article is silly. Of course President Obama knows how naval task forces operate, he's the Commander in Chief. He just wants FEWER of them, as do many of us. And it's funny how the right, which for a long time refused to listen to its generals, now all the sudden wants to quote the Navy's request as gospel.

Not funny, actually. Sickening, and another example of the etch a sketch ideology they've claimed for themselves.
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