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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Coverage is tightening up!

Outside of last night's best Broncos LB performance since Al Wilson from WWIII, we also saw some excellent play out of Trevathan last night, for one.
Yeah the LB position was solid all night long and not the usual liability underneath and down the seams that it has been. However, Graham played horrible last night, maybe due to injury. He dropped 4 first down passes and the Saints were sloppy on the deep balls they usually connect on. DEN had a lot to do with that, but the Saints gave them a lot of favors too.

Brees was under some decent pressure, but he also was off more than usual when he did not have it either. Overall, it was a combination of DEN playing aggressive coverages and giving Brees some different looks all night long in passing situations along with NO not looking very NO like on offense. Sean Payton was very missed last night as the offense was not its usual multiple formations and personnel and it showed too.

Very happy with scheme and adjustments last night too. Lots of under brackets from the safeties and LB's without the blitzing. I liked the gameplan and even better the execution. Something they have struggled to do early in the game this year.
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