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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
These young kids are just freakin in the zone, and playing focused and with aggression.
I say keep DJ for depth, and ST's, then trade him in the offseason.
Then move up in the draft and get Te'o to take over at MLB.
I think DJ would command a 3rd or 4th round pick.
as much as I used to like the dumb ass, I do nto see him worth even that.. he has a really bad record and everyone that has played him knows that he is a drag down tacklers usually after the first down has been made.. he is not a TFL kind of guy and up to a few years ago was not a sacker either which IMO is surprising as hell with the speed he has..

unless he comes on gang busters the rest ot the year when he finally does get back with teh club he will not be worth squat.. and teh way the youngins are playing the likeley hood of him getting on teh field is slim..

IMO they cut him instead of cutting someone else to make room for his sorry ass and they save a bunch of money in the process that is if they do not trade him by tomorrow night..
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