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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post

I stopped being a homer that bought the Tanahan hype afte about 2003 when I saw what he was doing to the team. Win early fade late and get our asses kicked in playoff games. His failure at presonnel both coaching and players was astounding.. Yet most did not care as long as we beat OAK twice and split KC and SAN.

To most winning was everything even if it meant the fade and playoff loses. They had something to crow about his winning percentage in Denver even if it was skewed by the great seasons that John put up.

Or how great the offensive stats were. Yet overlooked the D stats.
I stop by here and lurk for the most part and I haven't kept up with your history on the board, however what you said there is 100% accurate.

I am in complete agreement with you on the above. As you can imagine, I am so pissed off that MS landed in washington and proceeded to dismantle the defense here...
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