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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
He is bigger stronger and almost as fast as DT. My adopt a bronco will get better as the season goes on and next year will start ahead of Dreesen and Tamme.
He's coming along at just the right time. Dreessen is 30, Tamme is 27. Green is flashing the blocking skills needed to replace Dreessen and the athleticism to replace Tamme. That's going to be crucial going forward. Green has every bit as much athletic ability as Aaron Hernandez of the Patriots, if he keeps developing he's going to be a huge draft pick.

If Thomas can get focused and take some big steps forward this off-season we'll be looking real good at TE long term. If he fails to develop though the FO needs to re-address TE in the 2014 draft with an earlier pick, as this offense really does it's best work when it can run two TE sets.
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