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Chris Harris

WTF is the poster talking about? Nobody said Hillman is the feature back. Yes, he's too small to be a feature back. He's a change of pace guy and he's really starting to take strides and I love what he did tonight, expect for the fumble. And maybe you didn't notice but McGahee once again piled up tough yards. I hate that he continues to drop the rock as much as the next guy but he's running hard and he's running smart. Alot of times he gets yards when I thought he would be stopped for 1 or 2 and he churns and pushes and next thing you know he's got 4 or 5.

Way too early to be talking contenders, for any team. Injuries can always happen, funny bounces not going your way, all sorts of things. For this team to be 4-3 having played the toughest schedule in the league thus far (and yes, that's a fact), I'll take it. One of the biggest things's I've noticed is that we are definitely cutting back on mental mistakes. Honestly, IMO, those are the reasons we lost at least 2 of the games we did. If we played Atlanta again right now, I like our chances. If we played the Pats in Denver, uh toss up. Same with Houston.
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