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Nah Willis had WIDE open spaces all night and He still didn't show the burst we saw last season. And you can't ignore the fact he's always subbing himself out. Dude runs hard no doubt. I'm a big Willis fan but he's not a 20 touches guy anymore.

Big ****in win fellas. Not trying to be negative nancy just trying to see if u guys saw what I saw.
You must not watch any other football other than the Broncos.

RB's sub themselves out all the time. Even Adrian Peterson.

We don't need a 20 touches guy, but Willis CAN give us 20+ touches if we need it (as he showed tonight). TBH you don't want to give your RB 20+ carries EVERY single game, and we're not even set up to do so.

Willis rushed 23 times for 122 yards and 5.3 ypc... I'm sure any human would have to be subbed out through out the game...oh and 2 receptions.

Broncos ran the ball 41 times for 225 yards 5.5 ypc today...

I'm not sure where you people are bred from, but it's definitely somewhere between mentally retarded to idiotic.
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