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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I don't think that's worked out as good as you might suggest. That team has not been impressive on offense for the most part. I wouldn't say Cutler and Marshall are "tearing it up" so to speak. Good players, not as special though as most would have thought they would have become several years ago. I always thought Marshall would be as good as he would allow himself to be without all the distractions. Cutler has leadership issues and still, IMO, horrible footwork and throwing mechanics. He still thinks his big time arm allows him to throw the ball late and into double/triple coverages. That has always been his biggest problem. Read some defenses, look safeties off, anticipate, those are all things he still does not do well.

Cutlet is good but not worth the price in money nor draft choices they had to give for him.

But he is still a turn over machine. IIRC 2 today maybe 3. They barely got by JAX and had the defense not had a pick size well they most likely would have lost.
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