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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by errand View Post
....yeah, whatever clown....

the point that obviously eludes your narcissistic mind is that you didn't type any wisdom....everything you typed is known throughout the NFL watching world

We all know that the Saints have an elite what universe is that not known?

We all know the Broncos haven't been consistent in 2012 offensively or defensively....who watching the Broncos doesn't know this?

We all know that the better job a coordinator or interim coach does makes him more attractive to NFL teams looking to improve their staffs? BTW, Vitt already made a name for himself as he was the Rams' interim head coach where he went 4-7.

Who doesn't know that a savvy vet like Dumervil and excellent pass rusher like Miller couldn't take advantage of inexperienced guys on opposing OL?

Who doesn't know that the Saints defense has basically sucked this year, giving up tons of yards to substandard QB's and made Freeman look like the second coming last week?

Who doesn't know that Demaryius Thomas needs to protect the ball better and is capable of putting up monster numbers against a poor defense?

again, quit acting like you cornered the market on inside information.....
Holy crap you're stupid

I was pointing out that I had already said what he said a few posts earlier, NOT that I'm the only one in the world to have come up with it.

****ing moron lol
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