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alfred e numan

and yalls act or some of you act like bush is still running the country still according to LABF that must be the case he keeps harping on 9-11 iraq 9-11-2001 that is i got a few questions why dont yalls answer them or just say dunno if you cant

1. when this consulate was attacked and they called the cia or whoever and said they was being attacked why didnt someone send in air support or reinforcements when it was requested 3 times over ?

2. in regard to question 1 i herd that on fox news they requested help from their higher ups and was denied 3 times was that a lie by fox news ?

3.can you show me the tax code from the IRS that says businesses get tax breaks for moving companies overseas it must be from the IRS not some blog or obama talking point i did hear there is a general tax law that gives some sort of break to companies that move as a business expense

4. why didnt obama let congress vote on Obama care you know the i think 2/3rd majority has to vote on a bill to make it law

5. was 3 a lie by fox news is 4 a lie too?

6. did Obama ever said he would bankrupt the coal industry or was that a lie by fox news again ?

7. is cake a lie is it really pie ?

8. will spider go to hell for questioning the abilities of the QB saint known as Tebow <-- sorry had to throw that in multi acct boy

that is all feel free to get upset at me and call me maybe a idiot or what have you bonus points if you get very mad and type in caps xtra credit if you bust ya monitor up : )
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