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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Bronco Bob View Post
I just make my own pizza. It's not that hard to do. Making the dough takes a little time, but it's good exercise,
and all fresh ingredients with no preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or other weird ****. And I put tons more
toppings and cheese on mine than you'd get at a pizza joint. Best pizza in the world.
I agree. I have my own wheat field in my small backyards. Do you know how cool it is to walk between the 3 foot high stalks of wheat and run my hand through it like I am Gladiator from that movie scene? Then I have my cow for the dairy to make cheese. I slaughter the mother ****er so I could have some tasty meat on my personal pizza.
Making my own is healthy and I know where it came backyard in surburbia. Neighbors love it when the cow is gone but hate the sound of it either mooing before the slaughter or me taking the dull 6 inch knife to its throat. I am going to try to improve on that next time.

Wood burning pizza in the backyard would be cool, though.
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