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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
They may very well be No. 2 in the updated BCS standings based on who they have beaten, but I'm just going with my own subjective rankings of the teams based on my own observations. I do think Oregon is just a little bit better solely because their offense is so tremendously prolific. I mean they put up 43 points in a quarter and a half at Arizona State last week. KSU is a tremendous club, but at this point, I would put them just behind Oregon. No disrespect intended to the Wildcats at all, but I just think Oregon is a bit better.

It will be interesting to see who gets the BCS nod if they are both undefeated.
Notre Dame, if they play on offense like they did last night, they are a championship team with that defense. They should be #3 at least.
Its going to be interesting what happens if KState, Oregon, Alabama and Notre Dame all finish undeafeted, as they all have a decent shot to.
Alabama will be #1 without a doubt.
Notre Dame's schedule is lacking somewhat I guess you could say, which will hurt them.
Oregon had a weak early schedule, finishes with some quality opponents.
KState had a decent schedule.

USC has a shot to take out two undefeated teams, they have a more likely shot at beating Notre Dame than Oregon though. I see Notre Dame losing to USC, Oregon losing to Stanford, and Alabama and KState finishing undefeated.
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